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      Welcome to Zhejiang Sanmen KangNing Chemical Co.,Ltd. Website!
      About us

      Zhejiang Sanmen Kangning Chemical Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1989, is a production of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates-based medium-sized enterprises. Its main product is in a leading position in China, occupies a relatively large international market share and enjoys high popularity. The scale of production and operation ranks among the top in the chemical industry of Taizhou.

      In line with the principle of "people-oriented", the company sets the enterprise spirit of "pragmatic progress and positive innovation" and pursues the management policy of "quality first, reputation first". Focus on the construction of corporate team culture and modern enterprise management system, and constantly introduce talents, introduce advanced technology and equipment, and strictly implement ISO and GMP management systems. Rely on excellent talents, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, excellent production technology and strict quality assurance, to produce high-quality products. With professional development as the guide, relying on diversified development, and achieving economies of scale as the goal, we have established a good business reputation and social image, and won the praise of the industry and customers.

      The company's location is superior. Located in the hometown of Chinese Blue Crab - Sanmen. The three doors have a long history and outstanding people. The mountains and seas are shaped to win and the scenery is beautiful. The human landscape and the natural landscape compete for each other. Ningbo Airport, Huangyan Airport, Beilun Port, and Haimen Port are within 100 kilometers; Yongtai and Shangsanxian Expressway pass through the border; they cross the 104 national highway, the provincial highway, and the Taizhou coastal large channel. East; Neighboring Haimen Port, north to Hangzhou to Shanghai. Traffic and communication are very convenient.

      The company warmly thanks the new and old customers for their support and cooperation. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to carry out business relations with us. We sincerely look forward to improving our mutual friendship and developing with you through honest, high-quality, efficient and professional services.


      Room 2202, General Chamber of Commerce Building, 20 Wutong Road, Haiyou Street, Sanmen County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province Tel:+86-576-83375688/888 Fax:+86-576-83375868
      E-mail: yjl@knchem.com Web:www.srizal.com
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